Balancing out Dreams

Hope and dreams. Why do we as human beings always hope for more than what we have? Are we ever really content? It’s part of our nature to want to have that euphoric feeling of achievement. And so we set ourselves goals, we dream.

I think people have always had dreams, some just dream bigger than others. But does anyone reach a point in there life where they think, “I’m done, I’ve achieved all of my goals and fulfilled my dreams. I am now content.”? We as a society are always hungry for ‘more’; more money, more clothes, more power etc. Therefore I don’t think we will ever be completely satisfied in the here and now. We are sometimes too busy dreaming about our future to really appreciate the moments in the present. In the twilight of my life, I don’t want to look back at my past and realise that I didn’t make the time to fully appreciate each little part of my life because I was too busy chasing my dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, we all need dreams. Dreams give us hope, they give us purpose. I just don’t want to get lost in a fantasy land and miss out on the imperfect yet precious moments of reality.

I can’t believe I’m quoting from Harry Potter, but it does seem fitting.

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” J.K Rowling – Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

I suppose the hardest part is trying to find that balance. Then again, I have heard somewhere before that life isn’t meant to be easy.

Here are a few moments that I like to take the time to enjoy.

Going for a walk somewhere beautiful


Eating a gourmet meat pie

Relaxing in a hammock

Having prawn sandwiches (family tradition)

Having a BBQ at Mum and Dad’s


Climbing trees

Getting slobbery kisses


Eating fish and chips at the beach

Puppy cuddles

Taking photos; capturing memories


Taking the dogs for a splash

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4 thoughts on “Balancing out Dreams

  1. a great post!
    I agree that people have always had dreams. But the difference between earlier times and now is that these days we are made to feel guilty or somehow underachievers if our dreams are not as big and extravagant as the society would want them to be.

    I am an underachiever if I do not own an Ipad. I do not have it in me if I have not yet acquired the latest Smartphone. The society, and much to the delight of capitalists, has started gauging people not on the basis of their ethics and moral, but on the basis of how high their ambitions are and how many material goods have they acquired.

    • First of all, thank you for your kind words 🙂

      We are pushed from such a young age to plan out our lives, pick a career path and focus on what we want to achieve. I think it’s important to remember to stop and smell the roses; to be grateful for what we have.

      There is nothing wrong with ambition, as long as it doesn’t consume you. But I do agree with you, people do base their judgement of a person on petty things; how much money they earn, what car they drive etc.

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